Left versus right as political classification is obsolete

The obsolete model What Wikipedia says about it. On this type of political spectrum , left-wing politics and right-wing politics are often presented as opposed, although a particular individual or group may take a left-wing stance on one matter and a right-wing stance on another; and some stances may overlap and be considered either left-wing or right-wing depending on the ideology. In France, where the terms originated, the left has been called "the party of movement" or liberal , and the right "the party of order" or conservative . The three class view If we look to the history of politics, we can clearly recognize another aspect of dominant division that is actual more critical to type political movements, namely nation central dominance (controlled) versus "Laissez Faire" ( let it be) . Communists and (National) Socialists are clear historic examples of controlled politics. And nowadays, all technocrat politics have a tendency to soft or hard cro

How do we save NATO from the coming Wall-Street collapse?

How do we save NATO from the coming Wall-Street collapse? One of the issues with security is that it comes at a price. How do we ensure that the price continues to be paid even if the monetary (US$) system collapse. This is one of the main questions I'm working on these days. Why do I believe Wall-Street will collapse? Until now, all monetary systems are based on a balance in tax-flow versus debt-flow over time. That means that governments play a key role in the monetary system. In a global economy, it is the dominant government playing a key role. It has the anchor currency benefit. Because of its geographic, the USA is, and will remain to be, the dominant government. But in a more wealthy world, it is becoming relatively smaller and thus less dominant. Thus losing its anchor function. The world can rely on the USA navy to protect shipping routs because of its current status. But can this key feature of protecting free trade be maintained by a tax/debt balance of one (relatively s

Changing economy

The new economy will be based on indirect and direct nuclear energy for two reasons: Environment and availability. Environment because of the CO2 emissions and plastic waste. Availability because we already burned most of the easy accessible petroleum and extracting new resources it is getting more difficult and less economical. Direct nuclear energy is harvested from nuclear fission or fusion . Indirect nuclear energy is solar, wind or geothermal energy . Nuclear energy (direct and indirect) is available in abundance, once we have the technology to harvest it. I believe by 2030 humanity will be converting old coal burning electricity plants into geothermal (by means of plasma deep drilling )or thorium molten salt nuclear plants. And be off grid for light and data by means of solar and batteries. This scenario will change the global economy in a real global economy. The geopolitical component related to petroleum will disappear. Power literary will be more equal distributed over the

Changing to the better

I'm convinced humanity permanently improves the living condition. We all are just individual temporal parts of humanity. Humanity might succeed to be eternal, as individual, however we are not. There are organizations that keep track of our (humanity) progress. Such as ; and YouTuber Cleo Abram . We are living in a transition time. This makes it hard to track what really is going on. I have a view on the big picture I want to share with you. Energy We have been lucky to discover coal; oil and gas. And we found ways to utilize it. But we are in or near to peak-oil . We have to transit to other energy sources or start using far less energy. Sourcing I think, that we have no other option than indirect (solar, wind, earth-heat) and direct nuclear energy in combination with better utilization. Because energy demand and harvesting are mostly not in sync from a time perspective, we also need better storage solutions. Solar and wind ar

Why in English

In my view, we (humankind) are in a globalization and localization process at the same time. The reason is that we always have been local tribe people. But through modern communications (internet) are becoming globally more integrated. It is a fact that the global integration language is international English. I don't want to focus on Nations anymore. The new world order (I think) will be along the lines of metropolitan areas. In the transition phase, the Nations and all their old world order systems are inconveniences we have to live with. I do have my ideas about my land of birth. But in the same time, I can see that its future is not in Den Haag. De growing center of this metropolitan area is going to be is Eindhoven, not Amsterdam nor Den Haag. Amsterdam, where all my family is from, will become just one of the blobs of Ringstad. Ringstad is my name for the Dutch-speaking metropolis that is slowly but surely replacing what the Dutch call Randstad. It covers all the

Start blogging and stop web pages

Until today (2022-03-28), I had hosted web pages. But if anything changes quickly, it's the IT landscape. I think that's because we (as humanity) are still learning how to use the new possibilities in the smartest way. Web 2.0 is currently quickly being overtaken by Web 3.0. I'm almost retired, but still want to join Web 3.0. That's why I park all Web 2.0 and 1.0 technology with Google. Google is the best at that. That way, it takes the least time. It gives continuity when it comes to aging technology such as email and domain names. And I free time to concentrate on Web.3.